From ideas and preparations to implementation and follow-up

How to plan a successful roadshow

A successful roadshow is not just about choosing the right platform. It is also about planning, preparations and carry out the activity in the best way. We have done this for 30 years and has a unique knowledge and experience of this. We know what is good and how it should be done – and we know what does not work. It is something that is highly appreciated by our customers and contributing significantly to a well-planned and successful roadshow.


Ideas – suggestions

We can help you with ideas and suggestions about your roadshow and share our experiences and knowledge about how you should plan and prepare the roadshow.

Project management

One of the biggest differences between a roadshow and a really effective roadshow lies in the preparation phase, where the key elements are planning, organization and testing. Our project managers will ensure that you have confidence throughout every phase of the project.

Interior production

Expomobil can offer help with everything from concept development to production and installation of your exhibition. We have experience in planning and producing interiors that combine function and form with the optimal use of space. Our skilled carpenters ensure that the exhibition is adapted to the exact requirements for construction in an expandable exhibition trailer throughout the tour.


AR (augmented reality) gives you the possibility to show your customers how your products work in different environments and you can show more and larger products inside the trailer. Together with our partner Frank Valiant, who has made several AR and VR productions for our roadshows, we can help you develop a content and a visual experience that clearly explains the customer benefit with your products.

Outside decoration

The enormous surface on the outside of the trailer gives you an ideal opportunity for company and brand exposure, both on the road and when your customers arrive. It creates a huge impact and a strong first impression!
We mount and dismantle the decoration here at Expomobil, at the same time as the interior is being installed. This saves valuable time and costs. We can also offer trailer skirts, banners and other equipment that can enhance the activity and create even more attention and interest.

Tour logistics

One of the most important aspects of the planning and preparation stage is the selection of venues. Location, type of surface and permit requirements are all important factors – as is the availability of power and other services. We offer help with everything from site suggestions and the best route for your tour, to package solutions. Over the past 5 years we have been to 31 European countries and gained a great deal of experience in European tour logistics and the rules that apply in different countries.

Invitation – sales support

That the invitation is done in the right way is crucial for the success of your roadshow. Through a partnership with a leading company in telemarketing, we offer our clients help with the invitation process.


Expomobil’s drivers and mobile engineers handle the transport and set up of the Expomobil trailer. They also make sure that everything is clean on the inside and outside of the trailer, and that everything works well. Read more about the drivers responsibilities here.


If you need help with external staff, such as event staff, tour hostess or tour leader, we can help you to hire the right people.


We offer storage, packing and distribution of your display materials. We make sure that it is cleaned, packed and sent out to your next event or exhibition activity.

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