Exhibition Trailers

10-70 sqm for rental and sale

Roadshow trailers and mobile showrooms

Expomobil’s fleet includes 10 different expandable trailers for rental and sale, from 10 to 70 sqm. The choice of which trailer to use will depend on the type of product to be exhibited, the number of visitors expected, your budget and of course the impression you want to make. All Expomobil trailers are fully equipped showrooms with spotlights, electrical sockets, mobile network facilities, air conditioning, and a kitchenette with fridge, storage and closed water system.


Expomobil 70

70 sqm exhibition area

Expomobil 60

60 sqm exhibition area

Expomobil 40+8

40 + 8 sqm exhibition area

Expomobil 40

40 sqm exhibition area

Expomobil 20

20 sqm exhibition trailer – for BE driver’s license

 Expomobil Mobile Home

Expomobil 10

10 sqm exhibition area

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